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Barracuda Sentinel

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Smarter Threats Need Smarter Tech

We offer many solutions for securing your networks against cyber threats, particularly for critical systems like email which have the highest probability of being targeted. Among them, Barracuda’s Sentinel plugin for Microsoft 365 stands out as the most modern and innovative. It is a completely AI-driven platform that takes a unique and cutting-edge approach to identifying and mitigating threats within your email system, such as spear-phishing and other targeted attacks. Unfortunately, cyber attacks continue to evolve as basic protections become more prevalent and effective. In response, Sentinel harnesses the emerging power of machine learning to stay ahead of the curve, as it too evolves by its own nature.

Always On The Lookout

Cyber attacks come in many forms. In order to secure your systems against the full spectrum of threats, you need to employ threat-specific solutions. For more advanced methods involving impersonation, account takeover, and spearphishing, Barracuda Sentinel’s unique AI-driven approach provides an advanced level of protection. Sentinel operates by generating a model from your existing email data that is used to analyze the incoming mail. Initially, the software establishes very specific and precise baselines based on usage patterns from past to present and continues to evolve as it processes the mail coming in. The progressive nature of this tool adapts to address the most convincing and complex attacks that all other factors would miss, including your employees.

Protection From Within

The core advantage of this service over traditional email filters is the ability to mitigate targeted attacks like account takeover and spear-phishing. These incidents are often carefully crafted schemes that use compromised accounts and advanced impersonation techniques to leech critical information, as well as execute targeted attacks from within your organization and potentially out to your clients. They are often the most dangerous, as the bad actors can impersonate you by using your legitimate accounts without your knowledge, and external email filters cannot pick up on this. In these scenarios, it often relies on the users alone to catch on, but with Sentinel, the AI is constantly hunting for it. It will look for things like suspicious inbox rules, minor identity discrepancies, and very subtle usage/context patterns to alert you to things employees might miss. Included are features like DMARC reporting to monitor and manage the security of your domain against outbound spoofing attacks, along with SPF and DKIM to authenticate the transmission and content of your mail.

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