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About Us

Open Tier Systems is a leading provider of top-to-bottom IT and VoIP Networking services and solutions for small to medium sized businesses in the Greater Philadelphia and Delaware Valley regions.

Our primary goal is to provide dependable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions through superior service. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver responsive and timely solutions, tailored to the unique needs of your business. By harnessing the power of a high quality IT services and solutions firm, our clients are empowered to meet and exceed the economic and competitive challenges they face in today’s rapidly evolving market.

Open Tier Systems is vendor and carrier agnostic, which allows us to focus our efforts on delivering the highest quality services and solutions. We always strive to recommend solutions that meet our clients’ business goals and objectives, budgetary requirements, and technology needs.

We are confident in servicing all industries, but we have extensive experience with the following:


  • Law, Insurance, and Consulting firms
  • Manufacturers
  • Contracting
  • Health Care
  • Car Dealers & Vehicle Services
  • Retail and Rental Operations
  • Recreation
  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate

Meet our team

Brian McCarthy

President, Partner

Brian, President and Partner of Open Tier Systems, has been working in the tech industry since 1995, when he started at CompUSA. He recounts this job as his steppingstone into the tech world. After CompUSA, he interned at Merck for two semesters, and upon graduation from high school in 1997, he began working with them full time. After Merck, he worked for a consulting company, and then, in 2006, Open Tier Systems was born. Being the President and part owner of Open Tier, Brian is responsible for overseeing strategic as well as day-to-day operations, meaning he does a little bit of everything. Something that he carries with him as he runs operations day-to-day is what he learned from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program: “That was a total mindset shift, where I learned to focus more on the business, as opposed to being in it.” As it pertains to his role with Open Tier, what he enjoys most about what he does is solving problems for our clients. He describes it as “being a detective in a lot of ways”. When not helping run the business, Brian enjoys spending time with his children, martial arts, cooking, and working out. 

Rick Carpenter

Vice President, Partner

Rick, Vice President and Partner of Open Tier Systems, had his start in the tech industry in 2002, when he worked for College of William and Mary IT while he was still in school. After graduating, he continued to work for them for six months. Following this, he moved to PA to begin working for Beyond Development, which he started running in 2005. Rick has been Open Tier’s Vice President since January of 2023, when Open Tier and Beyond Development merged. In this role, he oversees the service side of projects, specifically special projects, security, and making sure the help desk is running smoothly. One of Rick’s favorite things about what he does is solving problems. He also finds great satisfaction in acting as our clients’ strategic partner to help them grow and thrive by keeping their costs low and their operations efficient. When not helping clients, Rick loves coaching his children’s youth sports teams, participating on the local school board, volunteering at church, and spending time with family. 

Josh Findlay

Sales Manager

Josh began with Open Tier eight years ago as a Client Services Representative. He is now Open Tier’s Sales Manager. In this role, Josh is responsible for interacting with our clients and nurturing the relationships we have with them. He strives to understand our clients’ struggles and the goals of their business so that we can find them the proper solution for the long term. His favorite thing about what he does with Open Tier is truly maintaining those relationships with our clients. He views these relationships as partnerships, rather than transactions. When Josh is not working, you can find him on the golf course, watching a Philadelphia sporting event, or spending time with his family. 

Deb Kozol

Business Manager

Deb had her start with Open Tier back in January of 2018. She is our Business Manager, so with that, she takes on several tasks, such as bookkeeping, office operations, HR, the hiring and onboarding process of employees, billing and making payment arrangements with clients, collections, and maintaining relationships with our vendors. When it comes to her job, she is passionate about making the culture and environment of the workplace as pleasant as possible, resolving any issues regarding clients’ accounts, and keeping Open Tier in order so that we can continue to grow. While not performing one of the many tasks that she is responsible for, Deb loves to read, garden, immerse herself in art and creative endeavors, and spend time hanging out with her husband and daughter.

Cody Schnable

Technical Analyst

Cody, a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, has been working in the tech industry for five years primarily doing service desk work and focusing on information security. He has been with the Open Tier team since January 2023 as our Technical Analyst. Cody helps with the support tickets that come through from our clients and also troubleshoots issues regarding software installations. His favorite thing about what he does is resolving issues; he describes it as “figuring out a puzzle”. When Cody is not working, he likes to spend time with his family and play video games. 

Mark Kertesz

Technical Specialist

Mark, one of our Technical Specialists, started back in 2013 with Open Tier. He has his A+ certification, his Networking+ certification, and is certified in Microsoft Fundamentals and Azure Fundamentals. Mark handles the hardware, software, support installations, reviews project work, and attempts to keep the service board at a manageable level. The thing that excites him most when it comes to his job is getting to work with new technology. When not working with new technology, Mark enjoys golfing, DIY projects, and watching sports.

John Ward

Technical Specialist

John, one of our Technical Specialists, has been with Open Tier for a little over four years. He is certified in Veeam Backup Software, has his A+ certification, and has his Network+ certification. His primary focus though is taking care of support tickets. He is the first line of defense when it comes to answering the phones and loves getting positive feedback from the clients. Knowing he made a difference in a client’s day is what makes it all worth it for John. When not in the office, John enjoys playing PC games with friends online, venturing into game development, especially the 3D art aspect, and playing guitar. 

Tim Brumbley

Technical Specialist

Tim’s tech experience goes back to 2007, when he worked in a laptop repair business. While working for this business, his main duties were diagnosing issues and repairing the laptops. Therefore, he was mostly working with hardware. He continued hardware repairs in his next job, where he was for eight years, while slowly moving over to service desk related tasks. He worked for Beyond Development for five years, and now with the merger, he has been with Open Tier since January 2023 as one of our Technical Specialists. What Tim enjoys most about what he does for Open Tier is assisting clients in resolving their tech issues. He understands that having computer problems can limit one’s productivity, so getting our clients back up and running is important to him. When Tim is not working, he enjoys spending time with his daughter.