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Wireless Access

Hands down, these folks at Open Tier are the best at what they do. Accessible, responsive, and dependable. Open Tier has efficiently helped us navigate through all of our technology issues and upgrades, in language that is easy to understand, even for the most tech challenged user. We highly recommend them!
Richard L.

As technology progresses, so do our expectations… and our modern standards are stringent. Wireless technologies have vastly improved accessibility and convenience but often at the cost of performance and security. With an expertly implemented wireless network, you can easily achieve the speed and reliability you demand, without compromise. It is simply a shame to pay for fast and expensive internet services, only to have that performance chewed up by cheap components and improper configurations. If your wireless network isn’t performing up to your expectations, it is costing you. But don’t worry, it is nothing we can’t fix!

The performance and security of a wireless network can vary dramatically depending on the circumstances. In order to see optimal results, your network must be configured specifically for your premises. Foremost, you need hardware that is rated for the speeds that you have available, and the software must be configured with consideration of your physical and digital space. Not only are the limitations of the physical layout important, the surrounding airwaves must be considered as well as you are competing with your nearby networks. Security is always our concern, so we make sure that your system is as safe as it is speedy.

The heart of a wireless network is the Access Point (AP), which is a device that broadcasts the network and transmits the data to and from your devices. The overall performance of your wireless network is predominately dictated by your AP(s), so it is critical to have the right hardware and configuration to satisfy the needs of your site. IEEE standard, frequency channel, signal strength, and antenna type are all important factors in achieving the best results. Securing your AP is another major concern. Wireless networks are frequently targeted by attackers and without proper setup, they are shockingly easy to compromise. No business should ever be throwing away their valuable performance or leaving their networks open to easy attacks. If you have any doubts about your setup, it really is worth a call.

If you are considering wireless solutions, have general security concerns, or require support, we can help.