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Barracuda Phishline

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A Lot Of Bad Phish In The Sea

Phishing has grown to be one of the most prevalent forms of cyber attacks, and while many recognize the name, they often do not recognize the danger involved. In fact, cybersecurity auditing has shown 91% of all cyber attacks now originate from an email. These attacks are designed around exploiting the user rather than your network, often involving impersonation techniques that seek to deceive employees into divulging critical data and access willingly. Fighting this type of attack requires a unique approach, and Phishline does just that. It provides a comprehensive security awareness training platform that contains all the tools and resources you need to fortify your employee’s awareness and response, all within an easy and painless package.

Don’t Take The Bait

The Phishline program works by targeting the problem at its core, human error. Phishing attacks are structured around social-engineering and impersonation techniques designed to catch your employees off-guard. By directly exploiting the user, an attacker can bypass the more difficult process of compromising the technology itself. While there are other methods to prevent Phishing attacks, such as our Barracuda Sentinel solution, Phishline instead aims to educate your employees to become less vulnerable to these attacks. Phishline security awareness training provides quick and engaging content to your employees that won’t bore them to tears. Alongside this content, there is a creative suite of tools available to the organization to monitor, test, and tailor the training for your team.

Fake It Until You Make It

The key feature of the Phishline security awareness training program is their simulated phishing emails. Essentially, Barracuda automatically generates mock phishing scams with the intention of baiting your own employees into doing the wrong thing. If they should fall victim, the system will direct them to the educational material they need, and reports are delivered to help identify the areas for improvement. By using their next-gen security networks, Barracuda’s software can replicate attacks with tremendous detail, even deploying simulations of real-world attacks that have been identified by their massive threat databases. All 13 major forms of email attacks are addressed, allowing you to carefully tailor your faux-threats to address even the more involved methods such as spear-phising. Throughout these simulations, you are able to safely gather rich analytical data regarding your user’s behavior, allowing you to quantify your level of risk with a high degree of specificity and better focus your efforts of improvement.

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