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Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

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Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

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It’s Time To Talk About Passwords

As the influence of technology has dramatically grown in our personal and professional lives, so have our concerns regarding the safety of our digital presence. We have long trusted the password as our frontline defense, but today, relying on that alone is becoming ever more precarious. The statistics are strikingly clear that your password is the weakest link in your armor, and this is exactly where Duo Security comes in. Duo is a comprehensive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution for securing all of your applications and accounts that offer MFA. Implementing MFA is essential to bringing your organization up to the highest standards of security available today.

MFA That Stays Out Of Your Way

The basic premise of MFA is that in addition to a username or password, another step needs to be taken to prove an authentication attempt is legitimate. You have probably already experienced this as a text message to your phone or a code sent to your email. Duo facilitates MFA through an application installed on your cell phone, offering convenient methods such as push notifications to approve logins. Various other methods such as text messages and one-time codes are available as well. Duo applies this process to the most valuable digital assets you have, while keeping the whole process easy and efficient. With Duo, MFA is not a burden. You can dramatically increase the security of your accounts, networks, and devices with minimal interference.

Covering All Of The Bases

Where Duo really shines is the technical scope of its platform, while preserving the utmost simplicity for the end user. With its vast library of integrations, powerful SSO solutions, and dynamic authentication methods, it can perform most, if not all, of your MFA management in one place. It can protect popular services such as Microsoft 365, Active Directory, any system supporting RADIUS, VPNs, Remote Access Software, along with any accounts that can be configured with authenticator apps. It is also easy to maintain and scale with your company and possibly provides the highest return-on-investment of any cybersecurity solution you can implement.


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