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In order to understand how our Cloud File Storage solutions can help your business, it is essential to understand what the cloud is and how it works. The cloud refers to a global network of servers that runs on the internet, instead of being stored on the hard drive of your computer, phone or tablet. The cloud is designed to remotely store and manage data and applications while allowing the user to view and deliver content from the internet. Additionally, this data can be accessed any time and any place that the internet is accessible. The cloud works by stashing this information remotely, so you can still access it without storing any content on your own hard drive, freeing up valuable space for operations to run smoothly and efficiently.

Cloud File Storage is a method for storing critical data in a remote, physical location that can be accessed from any device that utilizes the internet. This is beneficial to businesses because it allows the users to send files of any size to a data server maintained by a cloud provider versus keeping all critical files on their own hard drive.

At Open Tier Systems, we continually monitor your storage system, ensuring successful backups are completed as scheduled. Thanks to our Cloud File Storage services, we are able to implement specialized tactics that help protect the integrity and availability of your company’s important data. Our convenient solutions enable your business to simply and securely store all critical data while spending less time and capital on implementation and management.

As a leading provider of top-to-bottom IT and VoIP services and solutions for small to mid-sized companies throughout the Greater Philadelphia and Delaware Valley regions, it is our goal to reduce your risk of downtime with uninterrupted services. Schedule a free consultation with us today to find out how our Cloud File Storage solutions can help streamline the way your company works.

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