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Barracuda Advanced Email Threat Protection

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Barracuda Advanced Email Threat Protection

Brian and his team do an excellent job of managing our IT needs. Their responsiveness to fix any issues is almost immediate and their team's knowledge is superior. Great company that truly looks out for their clients. We know that we're in good hands with Open Tier. Highly recommend!

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Tried & True Security

Barracuda Advanced Email Threat Protection is a powerful and comprehensive solution for email security. We trust the platform to protect our own systems from SPAM, malware, viruses, phishing, data leaks, as well as other threats, and we believe it is one of the best services we can offer you. People often think of cyber-attackers as being technical masterminds, using complex methods of infiltration, but in reality, 91% of all cyber attacks come from a simple email[1] that attempts to deceive an employee, and this is true even among the largest companies. If securing your business is a priority for you, this is absolutely where you should start. 

Hassle-Free Protection

Barracuda makes it painless to protect your mail. Their network screens all your email messages, and using advanced detection methods, filters out unwanted messages with a high degree of accuracy, all while maintaining an ultra-simple user interface. The bulk of spam messages and threats are automatically blocked and never see your inbox, while other messages are placed in “Quarantine” before notifying you. By launching the Quarantine portal directly from your inbox, you can easily sift through and pull out any messages you wish to deliver, so you never miss anything important. Built-in safeguards automatically protect your organization from leaking sensitive data, while also providing remarkably easy methods for secure transmission via encrypted messages. Whether you need to meet compliance regulations for your industry or simply need peace of mind, Barracuda will deliver for you. 

Multi-Faceted Fortification

Digging a bit deeper, you will find that Barracuda is an incredibly effective platform that utilizes some of the most advanced detection techniques available today. Just on the surface, it employs active virus scanning/detonation, AI-based scoring, real-time intent analysis, URL link protection, reputation checks, and other detailed tests on every message. In an industry defined by staying one step ahead, their Advanced Threat Protection system always keeps them ahead of the curve. Protection against zero-day attacks and novel threats is achieved through their intelligent, multi-layered analytic engines, including behavioral analytics, static analysis, and CPU-emulation sandboxing. It is the next-gen tools like these that render Barracuda a leader in their industry and an immensely valuable asset to your organization.



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