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Do you need Email Threat Protection?

  • Want to make email safer for your business and protect it from spam, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks?
  • Want to safeguard your company from cybercriminals who target your customers and vendors who trust you?
  • Want an email system that automatically detects and removes malicious emails that land in your employees’ inboxes?
  • Want to train your employees not to click on a suspicious attachment or a link that might launch ransomware?
  • Want to stop cybercriminials from tricking your employees into handing over confidential or sensitive data?
  • Want to do everything you can to stop email-borne threats, reduce your business risk, and give you peace of mind?
Your business is at risk until you protect it from email threats.

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91% of cyber attacks start with an email.

Cyber Attack


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3 Simple Steps to Protect Your Business.


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We Help You Protect Your Business From Cybercriminals.


Minimize Your Attacks

We train your team to increase their cybersecurity awareness.


Safeguard Against Threats

We effectively block threats before they hit your employees’ inboxes.


Work with Cybersecurity Experts

We deliver best-in-class email security with protection against cyberattacks.

At Open Tier Systems, our priority is to help businesses prevent loss of time, money and reputation. This is especially true when it comes to cybersecurity threats. Many businesses think it won’t happen to them – until it does. The best way to protect your business from cybercriminals is through training and prevention. Our email threat protection bundle is designed to protect and monitor your emails to avoid business disruption and monetary loss. We also train your employees on awareness and prevention of cyber threats.

— Josh Findlay, Client Service Manager

Your Email Threat Protection includes:

  • Protection from:
    Malware | Spam | Ransomware | Phishing | Spear-phishing | Wire Transfer Phishing | Data Leaks
  • Cloud-based backups:
    Restore Data Quickly & Easily | Minimize Downtime | Ensure Business Continuity
  • a Team of experts:
    Set-up | Monitoring | Training | Support

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