Invoicing FAQ


Why do I get more than one invoice?

Our invoicing system, ConnectWise Manage, will generate separate invoices for a variety of reasons.

  • If you have an Agreement with us for recurring service, each agreement will be invoiced separately. The reason for a separate invoice for each Agreement (such as Managed IT or Voice) is that each Agreement covers the product and services purchased differently, and are setup to invoice based on those differences.
  • If you have requested from us to see the time entries that are covered by an Agreement, they will appear on a separate invoice. This invoice is always in the amount of $0, and is simply an aggregated view of all the service performed during the previous month.
  • All Projects will generate a separate invoice, regardless of whether there is an Agreement in place or not. Time entries for that Project will always appear on Project invoices. Whether those time entries are billed or not depends on whether an Agreement is in place that covers time. If an Agreement that covers time is in place, the time entries will appear on the Project invoices, but will not be billed at an hourly rate on that invoice, instead showing as a deduction from the Agreement.